Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A new year, a new direction

The new year for me brings with it a desire to start anew. Refresh and re-think current ideas. Take what I like from them and begin again with a renewed sense of discovery and excitement. I need to keep exploring. I like trying new things. Some say, "you will confuse the people that follow your work" I say, the alternative is boredom.
Last year was a great year for me, artistically. I truly enjoyed my house series. I know when things are good when it's the last thing I think about before going to bed and the first thing I think about upon waking. I can't wait to get to work! I will take from it what appealed to me most and move on. What I dig most is the combination of tightness and looseness.
What I've been missing lately? portraits, people, animals, total abstraction, works on paper, bigger work.
More shows, more online selling.
And it all starts with a much needed cleaning of my studio.
Happy New Year!  Happy Painting!

android 10x11  2013  paint on cardboard

wind powered homes  11x9  2013  paint on cardboard

under construction  10x11  2013  paint on wood

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