Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Full Circle

My oh my! It's been nearly a year since I've posted on this blog. Good intentions aside, I resist most things of a technical nature.
My latest work:
Calder Childhood Home  2014 
Here I am, back to painting home structures. Might this be the start of a new(continued)home series? Maybe. My home addition paintings have been getting some attention in the gallery world. Almost one year later...interesting! A lesson I take to heart from this: even if things aren't selling, aren't getting a ton of "likes." If it's a subject I feel passionate about, keep doing it. Don't let external factors determine the course of your work. Period. That said, the idea of "home" is something that is with me daily. From living with an architect? thoughts of moving, a place of raising children? I can't think of anything else besides food that is so important. It's so much more than just shelter. But I don't want to analyze it too much. It gets boring. The fact is, I'm just not that deep.

I also plan to keep doing landscapes. I've enjoyed doing these:

Big Sky, Montana   2014

Hidden Falls, Minnesota  2014

Crystal Sands Beach  Destin, Florida  2014
Red Sky 2014  (sold)
I don't have the opportunity to travel much due to money. Maybe this is my way of escaping. The challenge when I'm doing something without an animal is to not put one in when I don't like the way things are going. Whether it's an abstract work or landscape. It's a crutch, a weakness, an insecurity. Put one in and they[buyers] will come! The following made it sans animals. More of these will be on my website soon. Really.

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