Friday, October 4, 2013

Does the person you live with affect your art?

To be completely honest, I don't know why I do what I do. I can only guess after I am finished. The following is a theory...

I live with an architect. We bought our current home-a 1949 double bungalow in 1993. We lived in one half until our third child was born. We then said adios to our renters and busted down the dividing wall. Walla! all of the sudden our house was twice as big. The plan after that was a single family two-story house. We still have a copy of that plan. Over the last twenty years we have collected many plans, of many phases, and plans of variations within those phases. Things change, we get busy, the economy tanks along with our need and desire for a large space.
The challenging combination (among with other life factors) is that: 1) there isn't a client with a deadline and 2) he is a perfectionist.
I respect his talent and perseverance. His design vision is innovating and inspiring. The thing that most impresses me is his ability to draw anything at the drop of a hat-with ink-and always with accurate perspective.

The first of my house addition paintings was not planned. It evolved as I was playing around. The following were inspired from the first. As is usually how a series goes, I guess. It's like my chance to get in the drivers seat and design it my way!
Each one took a couple to three days. I must admit, I'm secretly hoping husband will be inspired by the speed of these intricate and complex finished home additions--as I have been so inspired by him!

from the house addition series  9x12 2013
from the house addition series  11x11  2013
from the house addition series  9x12  2013

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