Friday, March 15, 2013

Hair today, Gone tomorrow

I love the editing process, whether it's with writing or painting.  I decided I wasn't quite happy with 'bounces back.'  Although I love the sentiment, and it will most likely reappear, there was something amiss about the portrait.  I strive in my art for spontaneity(to spell it right too)-paintings that look like quick sketches.  Some artists are gifted in this aspect.  It's an oxymoron of sorts but some, like me, take a long time and many versions to get that raw, fresh, naive quality.  Therefore I have no problem with do-overs.  I also felt the background in 'bounces back' was too busy-enter the editor.  I could edit down even further...and eventually I might-but am happier with it now.  'cuba or bust' is a thought of a personal nature involving someone close to me that was on my mind yesterday.
The message here is:
If you like one of my paintings enough to buy it-best give a quick shout-out because it might be gone tomorrow!

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