Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bouncing Back

This is no.5 in the 'In My Head' series.  I don't think I would be amiss to say that most artists get in a funk now and then directly relating to the process of making art.  It looks all fun and good and then a deep dark hole opens up and there doesn't seem to be any options other than going into it.  This is most often a result of insecurity/ego.  When how I feel about my work becomes irrelevant and what matters most is how [I think]others feel about it.  I put my life and well-being into the hands of others.  Not smart. Time is required for the action of bouncing back to take place. Time off of facebook is good. Time with my loved ones. Time with my dogs. They don't give a rip about my silly art-they just want food.

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